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Is your executive compensation plan effective in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your top executives?

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Compensation has become a far more complicated issue than simply deciding how much to pay your senior level executives. Business is fiercely competitive—especially in uncertain economic environments—and compensation packages play a crucial role in retaining your top talent.

American Executive Benefits, Inc. was built on the cornerstone of long-term client and professional relationships. We will help you and your firm:

Stay current on fast-changing compensation trends and principles which are crucial in any uncertain job market and economic situation.
Avoid the risk of executive turnover at the top level.
Ensure your benefits program remains compliant
Determine the competitiveness of each element of executive compensation by using peer-to-peer comparison.
Employ sound corporate governance practices
Discuss and establish appropriate executive equity ownership linked to results

….and much more

Our specialists will consult with you about compensation components like Deferred Compensation Agreements, Non-Qualified Executive Benefits Plans, Retirement Savings, Stock Based Compensation, Capital Maximization Strategies and other benefits and incentives to keep your firm ahead of the competition.

We have also developed a 3R System—(Recruit, Reward, Retain)—with a compensation structure to attract and keep your key talent happy, appreciative and productive.

American Executive Benefits, Inc. uses sophisticated technology like benefitMATRIX™, industry-leading software developed by BenefitRFP™, to match your firm’s executive compensation needs to the most appropriate packages and providers.

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